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First 3 entries

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  1. Why Blog – By Heather Gold nominated by Karl Long
  2. Why I’m Not Talking at PAX and a follow up post Troll Data Analysis by Courtney Stanton
  3. How Porsche hacked the financial system and made a killing [2009] nominated by newsycombinator and 35 RTs

If you have a blog post you would like to nominate for this please use the submission form

If you have a favorite post just mention it in the comments at the moment. I’m working on an item voting feature. Found a plugin called Qlist but it only creates one list for the blog, and I need to do a voting list in every post.

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Call For Entries

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100 post blog is a collaborative blogging and design competition that combines curators and original content creators. I think there is a wealth of great work out there and I wanted to try and create a format that would highlight great work and help foster a little community. If you have read or created something great, inspiring, creative, original or thought provoking please send it in.

There are two ways to get published, you can submit your own work or you can nominate someone else’s. Both curators and content creators get prizes if published (we’re still working out the details of that but rest assured you will get something cool).

You can submit using twitter by posting: @futuregames [title of post] /by author via @yourname #100posts.

  • Writing (blog posts, fiction, poetry etc)
  • Images (photography, design, art)
  • Blog themes (we’ll release a CSS submission tool soon)

Twice a week 3 nominations will be voted on and the winning post published. Winners also can be curator and judges for the rest of the publishing year.

Submissions should include original works including images, serial art (writing and comics) and post design templates (we’ll post css soon). All rights for the work stay with the artists. Early submissions will help form the foundation of what this blog will eventually be about.

Follow us on twitter for more updates @futuregames

If you would like to submit a post please do so on this page

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